Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 287

Today's sound : Matthew Rose sings I Have a Car.


wastedpapiers said...

Nice one. Has a sort of Talking Heads vibe to the whole thing.

Garretico said...

Well, we got all the kids together around the fire in our living room and sang along until the smoke got too bad and the walls began to catch.

Now we're living in a car! Very American of us.


Hey, not bad at all! Anyone interested in the "finished" piece, write me and I'll send you the MP3 for your listening/driving pleasure.

I'm now looking for someone to help me put together I HAVE A CAR the music video with the "disco" version sung and performed by Monospace. Anyone interested? Get in touch.

Cheers, Ricardo!


molehouse said...

I'll help you make a disco video. Do you have platform shoes?



Actually, I not only have platform shoes, I've also got a Quiana shirt!

Would love to collaborate with you, Caterina Verde. Pero no hablo español! Puedes hablar Sri?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I loved it! Very catchy! The sun is shining its heart out, and I'm gonna jump up now, leave the computer behind, get in my sandstone blue Toyota and drive,drive,drive! Thanks,Matthew

maitresse said...

I love it, and I don't even have a car!
I want the full version!